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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just wash and wax my car?

Only if you are sure your paint is perfectly Clean. Washing alone does not remove embedded contaminants from the surface. Most premium waxes are a two step process that require pre-cleansing of the surface using a clay bar and/or non-abrasive paint cleaner to allow correct bonding of the wax with the painted surface.




Can I take my car to the automatic car wash?

We don't recommend it. Automatic car washes use recycled water, strong detergents and very high pressure to mechanically push dirt from your car. This will deteriorate your paints protection over a short period of time.

If you have no other choice due to water restrictions, or no parking at home, then a common method of washing your vehicle is to take your own bucket, soap and accessories to the DIY car wash and use only their water to rinse.



Can't I just let my dealer wash my car?

Only if you have no doubt of the quality of service. Be sure your dealer is using a clean bucket, good car wash soap, clean sponges and clean towels.

It is very common for our clients to report all their hard work with swirl removal being undone when they send their car in for a service. These services often come with a complimentary wash and it is more than likely your car will return with new swirl marks.

We recommend ensuring your car is in pristine condition when taken for a service and make a special note with the service desk that the complimentary wash is not required.



How often should I wash my car?

You should wash your car 3-4 times a month. See our Detailing Library for a vehicle maintenance guide.



Is a diaper or t-shirt OK to dry my car?

No. Diapers are the equivalent of about a 6000 grit sandpaper and t-shirts are about 8000 grit. Drying your car without scratching it requires a high quality microfibre towel. We recommend the use of Waffle Weave Microfibre Towels or for those who prefer a chamois use a microfibre chamois.



Is it OK to wash my car with dish soap?

No. Dish washing detergents are special surfactants designed to quickly remove fats and oils. Dish soap will remove all of your wax protection. The only time dishwashing liquid is ever used by detailing enthusiasts is to assist in removal of old wax coatings in preparation for a new application.



Should I use a Chamois?

Never "dry" a car using any Chamois as it will scratch and lift wax from your paint. Actually, you need to be very careful with any accessory you use to dry your paint.

For enthusiasts that prefer the use of a chamois, use a microfibre chamois to push the excess water from the panels. Then use a microfibre waffle weave towel to dry.



Do I have to clean my paint?

Yes. Use of a paint cleaner or polish is necessary to remove embedded road grime, tar spots and other blemishes from the surface to ensure correct bonding between the wax and the surface. Not removing these contaminants will also deteriorate the level of reflection and shine achieved.

Remember, whenever cleaning is required like spot cleaning of a mark that has occured, this will also remove your protection, so reapply your wax or sealant to the affected area. See our Detailing Library for information on Pre-wax preparation.



How can I get rid of swirl marks?

Use of an abrasive polish or compound will be necessary to remove swirl marks. It is possible to conceal these marks using products that contain "fillers". This is however only a temporary solution. See our Detailing Library for information on paint correction.



How do I remove road tar?

The cleaning process in most cases will remove road tar. If the tar has been left too long it will will harden and stain your paint. A clay bar, or a simple paint cleaner product like Prima Amigo or Victoria Deep Cleanse will quickly and safely remove road tar. See our Detailing Library for information on use of clay bars and paint cleaners.



My car is new; do I have to polish and protect it?

Yes. Your car was created weeks or months ago. During the dwell time from the factory to your garage it has been driven, washed, wiped, buffed, waxed, driven, washed and wiped again. Your car may be new but its finish has already seen road duty.

We recommend you clean and/or polish your paint using a clay bar to first remove contaminants followed by a combination of abrasive polishes if paint correction is required, or a non-abrasive paint cleaner prior to any application of waxes to protect the finish.

See our Detailing Library for technical guides on clay bars, paint cleaners and paint correction.



What towels should I use?

High quality microfibre towels are recommended. These products are available in various sizes and weights suitable for different applications.



Why does ZAS stock so many different brands?

Unfortunately there is not one product that can cover every scenario. ZAS carry a range of car care products in an attempt to cover every aspect of car care. We also attempt to cater for individual's tastes by providing a range of different options to the customer.



There is a product I saw overseas but I can't find it in Australia. Can you import it for me?

We are always on the look out for new products to introduce to our clients. Contact Us using the form provided on the website and provide details on the product you are requesting. We will investigate the possibility of importing the product for you.



I don't have a credit card or I don't like using it over the internet. Can I still make a purchase?

Certainly. When you checkout select the bank deposit option. This will provide you with the details required to complete your order.



I am new to car care. Can you recommend products to suit my needs?

We always like to assist our clients in any way possible to ensure they are making the right decisions and getting the most from their car care products. Please contact us so we can discuss what products would best suit your needs.