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Artdeshine Graphene Blue Crystal Wax is a wax by name and texture yet it contains no natural waxes!

Graphene Blue Crystal Wax is a blend of nano graphene particles combined with siloxane and PDMS to create a completely synthetic and crystal clear wax with high gloss.

Artdeshine Graphene Blue Crystal Wax produces a slick finish with that wax like show car finish with a durability of around 10 washes. Graphene Blue Crystal Wax is hydrophilic once cured, which means water sheets off to help reduce potential water spots.

The Crystal Wax is very easy to apply and will yield many applications per container with only small amounts of wax required per vehicle.

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The product supplied was clear not blue. I have been cleaning and polishing cars for 50 years. I still like to keep my own car in immaculate condition and do it myself because no one does it the way I do it. I have used many waxes and polishes but this one is by far the best product I have ever used. Easy to apply and hand buff off all surfaces, brilliant shine immediately, extreme water sheeting. Rain actually washes the car rather than making it dirty. We will see how long it lasts, but a big tick of approval from me.


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