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The ZAS Surface Prep Towel V2 uses the same rubber polymer as the original Surface Prep Towel, but now with a new perforated surface.  The perforations help lift contamination away from the surface to reduce marring during the "claying" process.

Polymerised rubber technology is bonded to the face of the towel, effectively acting as an oversized clay bar. The advantage of delivering this technology on the face of the towel is the large increase in surface area, therefore greatly speeding up the decontamination process.

Additional advantages over traditional clay bars are repeat usage and easy cleaning. The ZAS Surface Prep Towel can be used over, and over, and over again. In fact, as you use it the polymerised rubber "breaks in" and becomes even more effective. And if you drop the Surface Prep towel just rinse it clean and continue, unlike clay that needs throwing away!

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