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For those who would like the added durability of a ceramic coating, but still like the idea of waxing their car periodically and the special kind of finish it provides,  Artdeshine Ceramic Paste Wax is the answer to your prayers!

Artdeshine Ceramic Paste Wax provides an extremely slick, glossy and hydrophobic effect (just like you'd expect from a quality carnauba wax) but it does it with genuine ceramic ingredients that cures into a flexible rubberised coating providing extended durability compared to traditional waxes.

Artdeshine Ceramic Paste Wax goes a long way, so only small amounts are required per application. Each 50g jar should yield enough ceramic paste to "wax" at least 4-5 vehicles with each application lasting around 6 months or more.


Work panel by panel, just like you would with a carnauba wax wiping on a very thin layer of ceramic paste. Lightly buff off with a microfibre cloth.

We recommend keeping panels dry for a minimum of 6-12 hours after application and avoid washing the vehicle in the first week.

NOTE: Replace the white lid insert when not in use. Coating will cure in the jar if exposed to moisture in the air.

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