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Introducing the new IK Foam Pro 12! The IK Foam Pro 12 picks up where the IK 9 left off, providing a simple and portable solution for foaming of car shampoo such as snow foam, or just about any other chemical you wish to turn into foam!

The IK Foam Pro 12 features an even larger tank than the previous IK 9 allowing for even more fluids and compressed air for longer working time. Like the other sprayers in the new generation IK range, the IK Foam Pro 12 features the improved valve system, lance storage and completely new and more sturdy moulds and design. 

The most exciting new feature of the IK Foam Pro 12 is the compressed air socket! You now have the option to manually pump the compressed air, or attach via an air line for instant pressure!

Another great advantage of IK Foam Sprayers is that they consume up to 70% less chemicals than regular foam lances. Gone are the days of mixing your snow foam at 10:1. Most car soap only require a concentration of 30:1 cutting consumption down three times.

The IK Foam Pro 12 can also be used to foam wheel cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, and any other cleaners that need foaming up to a pH of 10.

  • The most convenient portable foam lance! No high pressure washer or hose required
  • High Quality Viton Seals and Washers. Resistant to most acids and solvents with a chemical user range up to pH 10.
  • Wide funnel for easy filling with translucent tank.
  • Wet foam, medium foam and dry foam nozzles! 

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Product is good but service and price from ZAS is better


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