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The IK Multi Pro 9 is the professional's answer to handling acid based chemicals that you've been looking for!

IK Multi Pro 9 Sprayers are the next generation pressure sprayers from Goizper designed specifically to deal with low pH (acid based) chemicals. With an operating pH range of 1 to 9.5 the issue of containing and dispensing acid based detailing chemicals is a thing of the past!

IK Multi Pro 9 features:

  • Safety and manual pressure release valve
  • 6 Litre capacity
  • Colour coded labels for easy chemical identifcation
  • pH operating range of 1 - 9.5

While the ideal operating range of the IK Multi Pro 9 is for acids, the high quality Viton seals will also provided some limited range of Alkaline chemicals such as Ammonia and Sodium Hypochlorite based products. Additionally, the IK Multi Pro 9 provides limited use of alcohols, hydrocarbons and petroleum based products. 

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