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NXTZEN Ceramic is a durable glass coating formulated and made in Australia for the consumer. NXTZEN Ceramic coating will enable you to produce professional-quality results with its user-friendly application process.

NXTZEN Ceramic contains the highest level of active ingredients to maximise surface protection and provide the strongest covalent bond possible for long term durability.

NXTZEN Ceramic cures to a crystal-clear glass with high gloss and clarity that intensifies paint colours and reflectivity. The hydrophobic effect and smooth slick surface even outperform many professional-grade ceramic coatings on the market! 

Chemical Resistance Range 12 > pH > 2

Bonding Durability 3+ Years

Application Process:

  1. Polish surface if necessary and wipe down with alcohol or solvent based paint cleaner.
  2. Apply NXTZEN Ceramic to the supplied applicator and wipe on single panel at a time, breaking larger panels up into smaller sections.
  3. Wait approx. 1 minute as the ceramic coating reacts with the surface. 
  4. Wipe the surface clean with the supplied microfibre cloth, checking for any uneven areas in good lighting.
  5. Allow to cure for 12 hours before getting wet. 

Made in Australia

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