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The Scangrip Worklight Diffuser is the evolution of the LED worklight to assist with the application of ceramic coatings.

A number of years ago we recognised that the most effective lighting for ceramic coating application was through the use of indirect lighting, or diffused lighting. This is because the strong direct lighting created by LED worklights penetrates and conceals potential high spots that would otherwise appear as a dark shadow on the surface.

Those who have experience with application of ceramic coatings will know that the best time of day to see the true finish of a ceramic coating with natural light is at sunrise or sunset. By using diffused lighting we are simulating that effect created when the sun is just below the horizon.

As ceramic coating application has increased in popularity, Scangrip devised a solution for this market with their Scangrip diffuser. This worklight diffuser attaches to the centeal LED light to mask it and create the diffused lighting required to improve you ceramic coating application.

Scangrip Diffuser is compatible with:

  • Multimatch 3
  • Nova 3K
  • Nova 3K C+R
  • Nova 4 SPS

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