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CarPro Reset has been developed as the perfect maintenance wash for nano sealants and ceramic coatings.

The number one long term problem with ceramic coatings is the build up of bonded surface contamination due to incorrect or infrequent maintenance. This surface contamination is hydrophilic (attracts water ie the opposite of those water beads we all love). Over time, the surface can become "clogged" with road grime and airborne pollution creating a surface that no longer beads water.

This commonly appears as upper flat panels being hydrophilic where contamination has settled, while side vertical panels are still hydrophobic. Once the surface reaches this point it can be difficult to restore back to new. Particularly with traditional pH neutral shampoos that are unable to provide the deep cleaning effect needed to remove the bonded contamination.

CarPro recognised this problem and created CarPro Rest as the solution. Reset features the strength of an alkalione cleaner whilst remaining pH neutral in solution. CarPro Rest will provide effective break down of dirt, grime and traffic films to maintain the coating's hydrophobic finish.

CarPro Reset features:

  • High Levels of lubrication
  • Easy residue-free rinsing
  • Economical 500:1 dilution ratio
  • High foaming action

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