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CarPro IronX needs no introduction. But lets be honest, if there's one thing IronX is famous for other than its performance, it's the fact that it smells like the zombie apocalypse!

We present to you CarPro IronX LS - LS stands for Lemon Scented. CarPro IronX Lemon Scent still smells like farts, but now farts that have been poorly masked by the sweet smell of lemons!

All jokes aside, CarPro IronX is the original iron decon product that transformed the way we clean wheels and dissolve ferrous particles from paint. There's not many in the detailing industry that will argue it's still considered one of, if not the best product in its category.

Use CarPro IronX for cleaning of brake dust from wheels and as a preparation step before ceramic coating for dissolving of industrial pollution from paint.

Spray liberally on the surface (in the shade and on cool surfaces only). Watch as the surface turns a deep purple and then rinse thoroughly. 

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