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The Lake Country CCS Foam Hand Pads are manufactured using the same foam material used in our CCS machine buffing pads.

Lake Country's Orange CCS hand pad is a light cutting foam, for removal of moderate oxidation, water marks, swirls and scratches. When used with the correct polishing compounds, this foam will level defects leaving the surface with minimal or no surface dullness, allowing the user to go from compounding, straight to finishing.

Product Information

Our CCS Technology European Foam Hand Polish Applicators give the enthusiast working by hand the ability to match the cutting power of the machine pad, to achieve the best results with the product being used.

The working surface of these pads are dimpled with CCS Pockets. Introduced at Automekanica in Frankfurt, Germany in 2006, Closed Cell Structure (CCS) Pockets slow the rate of polish absorption, gradually releasing polish as needed. This allows the person polishing to work the surface longer before the pad "dries out". This is the same technology used on our professional foam pads for machine application.

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