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Victoria Wax Deep Cleanse 236ml

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Deep Cleanse is a unique, non-abrasive, pre-wax cleaning formula with light anti-swirl and haze removing properties and is perfect for solid or clear coated finishes. Deep Cleanse is recommended for finishes slightly abused by UV damage.

For optimum results, Deep Cleanse must be used before applying any of Victoria's paste waxes for the first time.

Directions of Use

  1. Apply a thin coat of Deep Cleanse one section at a time.
  2. Allow Deep Cleanse to sit until tacky.
  3. Using a microfibre applicator work the cleanser using straight back and forward motions.
  4. Buff using a high quality microfibre towel to reveal a clean finish ready for waxing.

NOTE: It is important to complete the protection process by applying a Victoria paste wax as soon as possible after cleansing. Do not drive the car or leave the car to the elements. A freshly cleansed car leaves your bare paint squeaky clean but holds no protection

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