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The permanent solution to sun-faded or stained bumpers and trim mouldings!

Forever Black Bumper and Trim Reconditioning Kit restores a dark, black, finish on sun-faded or stained bumpers and body mouldings. This product is not a silicone dressing that will disappear after a week or two. Forever Black is an easy-to-use permanent dye. It permanently colours black plastic, rubber and vinyl with the same polymers used by the manufacturer.

Product Information And Directions


Forever Black is different in a number of ways.

  • Forever Black permantly dyes black plastic, rubber and vinyl
  • Forever Black will completely cover even the worst of wax build ups or faded trim
  • Forever Black won’t wash off
  • Forever Black dries in 5 to 20 minutes and doesn’t require any buffing
  • Forever Black, once dried, will not attract dust and won’t leave an oily residue
  • Forever Black contains UV protectors to shield against future fading
  • Forever Black will restore bumpers, spoilers, mud guards, door handles, body and trim mouldings to like new condition!


  1. Sponge the area to be treated with the cleaner to remove any contaminants
  2. Ensure you mask up around the area to be treated and wear protective gloves. Keep a damp rag nearby to remove the product from unwanted areas. If the product is allowed to dry on paintwork, polishing will be required.
  3. Apply the Forever Black solution and you’re done.

To enhance your new finish wait until the product has completely dried and top with your favourite trim dressing. ZAS recommend Prima Nero for a silky concours finish.

Each kit contains 4oz. Cleaner concentrate and 4oz. Forever Black dye.

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