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Simply washing your vehicle is not an effective way of removing things like tar spots and road grime. A Clay bar is used in combination with a lubricant like Prima Glide is a simple yet essential process to safely remove embedded contaminants from the painted surface prior to waxing.

This clay bar pack contains 2 x 100g bars.

How To Use A Clay Bar


  1. Using a Clay Lubricant, lubricate a small section of painted surface at a time.
  2. Using straight back and forth motions, gently glide the clay bar across the painted surface until it becomes smooth with no friction, ensuring the area remains lubricated at all times.
  3. Rinse the area and buff with a high quality microfibre towel.


CAUTION: Discard of any clay bar containing excessive build up of tar and other contaminants removed from the vehicle surface.

For detailed instructions on how to use a clay bar, visit our Detailing Library.

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