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Technically, Wet Diamond Polymer Spray is a spray wax but the truth is, there is no "wax" in the product. It contains the same fantastic gloss and bonding polymers used in Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection and Midnight Sun Paste Wax.

Product Information

All waxes and sealants exhibit a characteristic that is often observed but seldom discussed. For want of a better description, I’ll call it a softening of the shine that occurs over time.


Modern waxes and sealants can protect your vehicle’s finish for months and months but that doesn’t mean your vehicle will have the same stunning shine it had when it was freshly "waxed". Repeated washings and exposure to the environment diminishes shine over time. To combat this phenomenon, our industry came up with quick detail sprays but these sprays only renewed the shine for a few hours.

While Blackfire Wet Diamond Polymer Spray removes dust, fingerprints and surface smudges like a detail spray, it is actually an advanced polymer sealant in an easy-to-apply spray. It bonds equally well to both sealants and carnauba waxes, extending surface protection and renewing that elusive "just waxed" finish.

Used routinely (every 7-10 days) Blackfire Wet Diamond Polymer Spray can extend the initial wax or sealant protection for a year or more!

Particular attention was also taken to ensure this spray wax was trouble free on black and red cars, even in climates of high heat and humidity. You will not have problems with hazy patches, streaks or cloudiness. Just a rich, uniform shine. Use Blackfire Wet Diamond Polymer Spray Sealant after washing or anytime to restore that "just detailed", wet-look sparkle.

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Product Code: BF-320

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