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The Hydro-Tech Tangerine Ultra-Fine Polishing foam pad is a moderately light polishing foam that will remove compounding marks and typical swirl marks while finishing to a hologram-free finish.

It is slightly less aggressive than the Lake Country Orange pad but more aggressive than the White Polishing pad while producing a finish that is near equal to the Black Finessing pad.

Directions of Use


Just released by Lake Country, the Hydro-Tech foam pads are the latest advancement in European foam technology.


This foam is non-reticulated, or closed-cell which means less product absorption, and less air flow through the pad. This makes these pads perfectly suited for use with water-based polishes because the products don’t dry as fast allowing for longer working times.

These pads are 1 1/4" thick

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Product Code: LC-H2O-240

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