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Finish Kare 817 is a non-acid wheel cleaner & degreaser, suitable for use on coated or uncoated wheel cleaning. It can be used for a range of applications including engine degreasing, coated and uncoated wheels, tyres, and as a metal brightener.

Finish Kare 817 is fully biodegradable and uses a citrus peel solvent that is environmentally safe and people friendly.

Directions of Use


For heavy duty work dilute 1 part Finish Kare 817 with 4 parts water.

For general purpose cleaning dilute 1 part Finish Kare 817 with 10 parts water.

Apply to a cool surface. Dilute to required strength and spray on surface to be cleaned. Allow to dwell for 30-45 seconds. Agitate with a brush and rinse. Do not allow to dry on surface.

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