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Victoria Wax Chaos Hybrid Carnauba Wax 6oz

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Victoria Wax Chaos "Hybrid" Wax is a new age carnauba/sealant blend. The original Victoria Wax formula is based on raw materials from natural sources. This true carnauba wax formula is then fortified with polymers to create a "super wax" with extended durability, but at the same time maintaining some of the visual characteristics associated with carnauba paste waxes.

Product Information

The Chaos formula contains a higher concentration of these added polymers compared to the Victoria Wax Mayhem formula. When compared to Mayhem, uses may experience a brighter, more intense finish with the Chaos formula.

Both waxes are presented in their natural state with no added colouring or fragrance.


Apply Victoria paste waxes thinner than any other waxes you have applied. The paste is soft, and suitable to apply with your hands and finger tips, however use of a foam wax applicator may assist in achieve a super thin, and even coat. Apply only to a clean, cool surface out of direct sunlight.

Apply to 1 or 2 panels at a time allowing 45-90 seconds to dry (depending on climate). To test if the residue is ready to remove swipe it with your finger to reveal the paint underneath. If an oily residue remains the product is still too wet. If the residue isn't drying correctly over an extended period of time you may be applying it too thick.

When the wax has dried correctly, buff clean with a microfibre towel.

No curing time is required between coats when layering. Each layer can be applied immediately after the other.

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