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Buy Optimum Car Wax in the trade/shop size and save!

Optimum Car Wax is not like any other car wax products! The patented formula from Optimum Polymer Technologies gives a spray on carnauba finish, with the durability of a paste wax, and zero dust, residue or staining of plastic trims. In fact, you can wax these surfaces too!

Application of Optimum Car Wax is very simple. Spray, and wipe. The wax will flash off clear leaving no haze or residue to remove. And a little bit of Optimum Car Wax goes a long way, so don't over use it.

If you're running out of time you can also use OCW on a wet surface. Just add a couple of sprays to the panel after you rinse, and then dry the vehicle as normal.

The combination of high-grade carnauba wax, sealant polymers and UV inhibitors will last up to 5 months. And that's right. UV inhibitors. Optimum Car Wax has been proven to prevent fading!

Optimum Car Wax:

  • Contains no harsh chemicals or VOC's
  • Takes only 10-15 minutes to wax an entire vehicle
  • Produces a long lasting, slick carnauba shine
  • Doesn't stain trim

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not only is it extremely easy to use, but a little goes a long long way. The resulting shine a clarity matches infact exceeds many of teh Zymol waxes I have used that costs signifcantly more. This product is well priced easy to use and shines liek nothing else I would highly recommend it.


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