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Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine, also known as "ONR" is yet another amazing product from Optimum Polymer Technologies. Optimum pathed the way showing how a wash should be done with restricted water with Optimum No Rinse producing results that are scientifically superior to the traditional foam wash.

Everybody knows about waterless washing and the damage it can do to the paint. Optimum No Rinse puts a clever twist on this environmentally friendly method of washing using "rinseless washing" or what some people refer to as "semi-waterless" washing.

Optimum No Rinse involves a single bucket of water, and no hose. You simply wash the surface down with the ONR solution, and then dry! No rinsing required and many litres of water saved.

This method is ideal for water restricted areas, or those living in apartment building or inner city dwellings where a hose is not accessible or practical.

The other amazing thing about Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is how it achieves the wash without inflicting all the damage on the paint. No Rinse contains substantive polymers that bond to the paint and protect it from abrasion during washing. It doesn't use suds like a regular wash that gives the feeling of lubrication on the paint. It uses science!

Why should you try Optimum No Rinse? Well answer this. When you're washing your car with a regular car wash, what feature do most people look for when cleaning down the paint? The answer is the suds and lubrication right? To protect the paint from abrasion. So what happens when we rinse away all those suds and dry the car? A lot of damage is done during the drying process and the process of Optimum No Rinse addresses this issue. Not only is the paint scientifically lubricated during the wash process, the ONR residue assists to also protect the paint during the drying process!

Optimum No Rinse has been proven many times over to actually be a far safer wash than traditional wash methods. And the gloss it leaves behind is exceptional! Not only that it can be significantly faster to clean a vehicle.

Optimum No Rinse is suitable for more than just cleaning paint. Use ONR for cleaning hard interior surfaces and as a streak free glass cleaner. Optimum No Rinse can even be used as a clay lubricant!


Add 30ml of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine to 7-8 litres of water in a bucket. Soak a plush microfibre towel into the wash solution and wash one section at a time until it is completely clean. Dry the section using a clean, plush microfibre towel.

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Well informed, excellent service. Great product, easy to use. Haven’t used a hose since, one bucket and your done. Have told everyone about and they can believe how good it is. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Just works really well. Excellent service

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Excellent service and price

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Excellent service and price


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