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The Black WOW Trim Restorer Kit contains all you need to clean and restore your faded trim back to as new condition.

  • Black WOW Trim Restorer 119ml
  • Pre-WOW Trim Cleaner 177ml
  • FREE Foam Applicator
  • FREE 40x40cm Microfibre Cloth
  • FREE Trim Masking Card

Step 1 - Pre-WOW

Pre-WOW Trim Cleaner & Wax Remover is the perfect companion to Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer or simply suitable for any cleaning of trim and removal of wax and polish stains!

Pre-WOW will thoroughly clean matte or textured plastic surfaces, smooth plastic and rubber and will not harm paint.

Pre-WOW, just like Black WOW is extremely concentrated and only the smallest amounts are required. Apply a pea sized amount to an applicator.

Step 2 - Black WOW

Black WOW is an amazingly durable exterior trim restorer that turns faded old trim to a deep, natural, and factory version of its former self that literally lasts for months.

Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer is suitable for all matte or unpainted trim of any colour. Only a pea sized amount is required to restore a complete wheel guard or grill.

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Product Code: KIT-BW

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