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Prima Hydro Seal is a new super-polymer, water-activated sealant. Application of Hydro Seal is very unique and quite simple. Just wipe on, and wipe off. No curing or waiting times and the super-polymers will yield months of protection with a luscious wet look and shine.

Prima Hydro Seal will not stain or discolour trim. In fact it will dress and protect it! Hydro Seal can be used to seal all non-porous surfaces such as paint, hard plastics and glass.

Thorough road testing has proven a reliable 6-8 months of protection. Hydro Seal produces tight water beading with strong hydrophobic characteristics that remains consistent wash after wash.


  1. Wash and dry your vehicle with Prima Hydro Wash
  2. Using a microfibre foam applicator or a microfibre cloth folded into quarters, dampen the microfibre and thoroughly wring out excess water
  3. Apply a thick stream of Hydro Seal to the microfibre approximately the size of a 20 cent piece
  4. Working in small sections, mist the panel with water
  5. Using the microfibre, spread Hydro Seal on the wet surface until it seems to nearly disappear. A slight haze will remain
  6. Using a dry microfibre cloth, lightly wipe to remove the haze.
  7. Move onto next section until the vehicle is complete.


Prima Hydro Seal can be layered immediately. The super-polymers require 24 hours to completely cross link and cure. Avoid washing during this time.

Polymer based shampoo such as Prima Mystique should not be used immediately before applying Hydro Seal. Instead, use Hydro Wash.

On freshly polished vehicles, a wipe down with a damp microfibre or isopropyl alcohol mixture should be performed prior to application of Hydro Seal.

Hydro Seal can be applied directly over Prima Epic, Hydro or Amigo.

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