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Optimum Power Clean is an environmentally friendly, safe, yet powerful All Purpose Cleaner. The unique formula contains special polymers and emulsifiers break down contaminants with minimal agitation.

Power Clean, cleans your vehicle's dirties surfaces including removal of bugs and paint contamination, brake dust, oily grime when used full strength.

Dilute it to clean leather, vinyl and plastics. It can remove old dashboard and trim dressings and tough residues from interior panels. Wipe away spills from leather seats.

It practically cleans everything, from the engine bay to leather and dashboard and everything in between.


To clean wheels and tires, Optimum Power Clean can be used at full strength or diluted up to 3:1. Agitate as needed and rinse off.

For use on painted surfaces, dilute at 3:1 for best results. Spray on, agitate lightly and rinse.

To clean interior panels, dilute at 3:1. Spray on, agitate, and wipe off.

For leather, vinyl, or the dashboard, dilute at 3:1. Spray on and wipe off.

For tougher grime and stains use at full strength.

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