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The Lake Country Gold foam is the world's softest finishing foam. Compared to Lake Country's red finishing foam with 60PPI (pores per inch) foam, the Lake Country Gold Ultra Finishing foam has a cell count of 100PPI or 40% softer.

The softer foam disperse waxes and sealants more evenly to create the absolute best shine.

Lake Country 6.5" CCS pads also feature curved edges on the face of the pad for easy use, and tapered velcro to eliminate scratches while polishing

What Is CCS?

CCS stands for Closed Cell Structure. CCS pads contain a pattern of "dimples" on the face of the pad. These dimples slow the rate of polish absorption which naturally soaks into the pad wasting product. Fresh polish is maintained on the face of the pad, reducing product consumption and increasing working times allowing the user to polish longer before the pad dries out.

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this pad makes final finishing a breeze a one step process with very little effort its even softer than a meguires applicator pad


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