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Optimum Tyre Shine is a water based, solvent free, and VOC free formula. Tyre Shine can be easily sprayed and has great cling to keep it on the tyres and prevent slinging issues.

When applied to a properly cleaned surface, it provides great gloss and shine for tyres that lasts for weeks.

Tyre manufacturers recommend against the use of solvent based tyre dressings, since the solvents can penetrate the rubber and leach out and remove its protective UV and ozone components. According to tyre manufacturers, this will cause yellowing, premature cracking and the ultimate failure of the tyre.

Optimum Tyre Shine has no chemical solvents, and therefore will not cause damage to the rubber. Furthermore, Optimum Tyre Shine contains the same UV and Ozone protectants that are used in the manufacturing of these tyres for additional protection against the elements!

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