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Optimum Opti-Lens is on of the latest coatings released from Optimum Polymer Technologies. Opti-Lens is a hybrid acrylic resin developed to permanently prevent oxidation and fading of polycarbonate headlights and other plastic mouldings.

Headlight oxidation is a serious safety issue that affects all drivers eventually. The polycarbonate material is highly susceptible to UV damage resulting in oxidation and clouding of the clear material. The end result is poor headlight performance and an unsightly appearance that will reeduce the resale value of the vehicle.

The headlight restoration business came about as a result of this need to restore headlights. The problem is, that there hasn't been a permanent solution and eventually the polycarbonate material returns to it's oxidised state.

The was until Optimum Opti-Lens. Opti-Lens contains the highest level of UV inhibitors ever made in a coating. It is completely resistant to UV and chemicals and will maintain your headlights condition permanently.

The best solution is to apply Optimum Opti-Lens to the new vehicle prior to oxidation taking place. For damaged headlights restore by polishing away the oxidation, clean with isopropyl alcohol and coat.

Opti-Lens is also suitable for maintaining other plastic trim on the vehicle. Coat plastic bumpers and mouldings to maintain a like new appearance.

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