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Optimum Opti-Glass is one of the latest of the coating technology coming out of Optimum Polymer Technologies, Inc. Don't be fooled by the small expensive bottle. You can easily coat a whole windscreen with as little as 2cc!

Opti-Glass is a clear silica glass coating designed to greatly improve vision while driving due to it's super hydrophobic characteristics. At speeds of 50kmph and greater, the water simply beads up and flys off the windscreen. 

Unlike other glass sealants on the market that suffer from poor durability, Optimum Opti-Glass will easily last 12 months on your windshield. It not only improves vision, but also increases chip resistance and keeps the surface cleaner for longer.

Optimum Opti-Glass is easy to apply even for the novice detailer. It is also suitable for domestic application such as showscreens, glass pool fencing, and preventing staining on porous surfaces such as stone benchtops.

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