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Lake Country HD Orbital Orange Polishing Pads are a medium density foam for light to moderate swirl removal.

The new Lake Country HD Orbital Pads have been designed for use with the latest generation long throw orbital polishers such as the Zentool ZEN-21E.

These new dual action/random orbital polishers generate their superior cutting power through large orbit diameters that throw the pad further which each rotation. This throwing action is also known for creating premature pad failure in buffing pads that aren't able to dissipate the heat generated, or simply weren't designed to be used with these types of machines.

The Lake Country HD Orbital Pads are designed to withstand the long throw action of these machines and provide extended pad life, with superior performance in both cutting and finishing.

The Lake Country HD Orbital pads feature a layer of firm backing material to maintain stability and improve control over the surface of the panel. The Lake Country HD foam also run cooler than other pads and the centre hole helps dissipate heat and maintain pad shape.

NOTE: Pad diameter totals 175mm with a velcro backing to suit a 150mm backing plate.

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