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TACSYSTEM Water Glass is a revolutionary, touchless spray sealant that makes protecting even the most intricate surfaces a breeze. Water Glass is a 3:1 concentrate that you simply dilute with 3 parts water, spray onto the surface, and then rinsed off with for up to 3 months protection!

As soon as TACSYSTEM Water Glass comes in contact with the surface, it begins to react and bond. Water Glass is formulated using hydrophilic glass fibres, silicon polymer and advanced fluoropolymers. Once rinsed with water you will see the surface become extremely hydrophobic with jaw-dropping water beading effects.

Use Water Glass to enhance and maintain your TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus coating for long term protection and ease of maintenance.


  1. Apply to a clean surface. Do not apply in direct sunlight, hot surfaces or allow to dry on the surface.
  2. Dilute concentrate 1:3 with water.
  3. Spray on panel by panel
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a microfibre towel.

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