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TACSYSTEM Total One Essential Polish in bulk trade size!

TACSYSTEM Total One Essential Polish is one of the latest advancements in SiO2 technology and with its many uses is going to change what your mind thought was possible with paint correction and protection!

Total One Essential Polish is a Glaze. It's an All-In-One Polish. It's a Paint Coating. It is all these things and more! Not only will the fine abrasives of Total One Essential remove swirl marks and scratches, the blend of Quartz nanoparticles and durable resins will fill remaining haze and marring leaving an extreme level of gloss and finish on even the most delicate paint surfaces.

TACSYSTEM Total One Essential Polish does all of the above, and at the same time leaves a durable hydrophobic coating layer on the surface. You can then leave as is, or go straight to applying TACSYSTEM Quartz Plus or Top Coat 1.0 for maximum protection and durability.

Total One Essential Polish can be used by rotary polisher, dual action polisher or even by hand.

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