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KXK Dynamics created the RID STIX to make quick removal of random isolated deep scratches (RIDS) quicker and easier than ever before!

KXK Dynamics products are developed and manufactured by a group of highly experienced and talented detailers who seek to solve problems often encountered in the detailing trade. KXK Dynamics RID STIX do exactly that by making those deep scratches that compounding won't remove, disappear quickly and with very little effort.

It's the innovative design of KXK Dynamics RID STIX that will give the user confidence to remove deep paint defects, or for the seasoned professional simply make your job easier. RID STIX ergonomic design maximises contact between the sanding block for the most consistent and even sanding marks that will quickly and easily polish out to a perfect finish.

Each KXK Dynamics RID STIX consists of a beveled edge and square edge block measuring 5cm x 1.3cm x 1.9cm suitable for automotive paint surfaces. Use the flat side of the RID STIX to sand flat surfaces or use the beveled edge to get close to panel edges or sand in curves and tighter areas.

KXK Dynamics RID STIX also come in two types of foam both included in the pack. A firmer foam for heavier cut while sanding, and a softer, more flexible foam for a finer finish.

The RID STIX pack contains:

White Foam Hard Blocks (2 pieces)
Black Foam Soft Blocks (2 pieces)



  1. Choose your desired KXK Dynamics RID STIX and straight or beveled side depending on the surface being sanded.
  2. Wrap the RID STIX with your desired sand paper such as 3M Wet or Dry Sheets
  3. Mist the surface with water. Work at a 45 degree angle across the scratch with even pressure allowing the RID STIX foam to do the work.
  4. After several passes a white slurry will develop from the clear coat residue. Wipe the surface clean and check your work.
  5. Once the scratch has been leveled, machine polish sanding marks to a perfect finish.

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