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Meguiar's Xtra Cut Discs are the most aggressive on the market for next level correction ability from your dual action polisher.

Meguiar's Microfibre pads are designed specifically for dual action machines to provide "rotary like" correction ability without the risks associated with circular polishers.

Meguiar's Xtra Cut discs feature a super thin foam backing with their industry leading microfibre face, well known by professionals to produce superior cutting results.

The thinner design of the Xtra Cut Microfibre discs increases transfer efficiency from your polisher to the paint, and therefore increases the cutting ability of your pad and compound.

NOTE: Due to the lack of foam backing we recommend using caution when correcting with the Meguiar's Xtra Cut pads. These pads are recommended for experienced users where necessary. 

2 x discs per pack

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