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The Multimatch R is the latest generation 5 step multi-temperature work lights from Scangrip providing a range of colour temperatures between warm white 2500K and cool white 6500K range. Multimatch R multi-temperature features as low as 2500K light for working on bright surfaces up to 6500K light setting for dark coloured surfaces with an additional 3 settings in between depending on the vehicle surface.

Scangrip Multimatch R is a powerful work light providing up to 1200 lumen for detailing and colour matching purposes. Because Multimatch R is rechargable, it can be used without annoying cables across the workspace. The portable unit can be mounted on a tripod, allowed to stand alone on a surface, or mounted to a surface using its strong inbuilt magnets.

Scangrip Multimatch R can be used using either the rechargeable battery or direct power cable and features a 5-step dimmer function providing five different light settings. For battery power the unit contains a display showing battery capacity and remaining operating time.

  • 1200 lumen
  • Power or rechargeable battery operation
  • 5 Step multi-colour temperature
  • 5-step dimmer

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