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Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber Care Products

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Autosol M1 Chrome Plated Plastic Polish 75ml

Autosol M1 Cleansing Polish is specially formulated for chrome-plated synthetic materials for polishing without harming the ...more»

AUD 11.95 | In Stock


Autosol Plastic & Fibreglass Cleaner 75ml

Autosol Plastic & Fibreglass Cleaner is a dual action cleaner and conditioner to restore colour and sheen to plastic and...more»

AUD 11.95 | In Stock

black WOW car trim restorer kit

Black WOW + Pre-WOW Trim Restorer Kit

The Black WOW Trim Restorer Kit contains all you need to clean and restore your faded trim back to as new condition. ...more»

AUD 65.57 | In Stock

dressing and car protection cleaner

Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer 119ml + FREE Foam Applicator

Black WOW is an amazingly durable exterior trim restorer that turns faded old trim to a deep, natural, and factory version o...more»

AUD 38.95 | In Stock

balck bumper & trim car gel

Forever Black Bumper And Trim Reconditioning Kit

The permanent solution to sun-faded or stained bumpers and trim mouldings! Forever Black Bumper ...more»

AUD 28.95 | In Stock

meguiars D170 hyper car dressing

Meguiar's Detailer Hyper Dressing 3.8L D17001

Until now the industry average for diluting water based dressings has been one to one or ready-to-use. Meguiar's Hyper-D...more»

AUD 119.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner 709ml

Meguiar's Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner (also known as All Purpose Cleaner or APC) is a powerful formula for fast rem...more»

AUD 19.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's New Car Scent Protectant 473ml

Meguiar's New Car Scent Protectant is a non-greasy formula for cleaning and dressing vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces ...more»

AUD 17.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant 355ml G14512

Using the latest UV clear coat technology Meguiar's were able to develop a product that not only significantly outlasts ...more»

AUD 23.95 | In Stock


Optimum Opti-Lens Coating 10cc

Optimum Opti-Lens is on of the latest coatings released from Optimum Polymer Technologies. Opti-Lens is a hybrid acrylic res...more»

AUD 119.95 | In Stock


Optimum Protectant Plus 3.8L

Optimum's interior cleaner and protectant in bulk 3.8 litre size....more»

AUD 64.95 | In Stock


Optimum Protectant Plus 504ml

Optimum Protectant Plus cleans, restores and protects leather, vinyl and plastic molding surfaces. Protectant Plus contains ...more»

AUD 21.95 | In Stock


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