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Wheel Cleaners, Wheel Sealants & Tyre Shine Products

3D BDX Brake Dust Remover 3.8L

3D BDX Brake Dust Remover uses a special non-acid formula to safely but effectively dissolve brake dust from your wheels qui...more»

AUD 110.00 | In Stock


3D Non-Silicone Trim & Tyre Dressing 3.8L

3D Non-Silicone Dressing is a 100% body shop safe silicone-free dressing for tyres as well as exterior trim, vinyl, bumpers ...more»

AUD 49.95 | In Stock


Autosol High Performance 360 Wheel Cleaner 400ml

Autosol High Performance 360 Wheel Cleaner quickly and easily removes stubborn contamination such as burned-in brake dust, r...more»

AUD 37.56 AUD 46.95 | In Stock


Finish Kare 817 Sparkle Plenty Wheel Cleaner And Degreaser 3.8L

Finish Kare 817 is a non-acid wheel cleaner & ...more»

AUD 54.95


Finish Kare FK 1000P Hi Temp Sealant 411gm

Arguably the best LSP on the planet and also one of the cheapest! Developed from a process called Synthesis Finis...more»

AUD 26.95 | In Stock

forever black rubber car dye

Forever Black Tyre Gel Kit

Forever Black Tyre Gel restores dull, faded tyres to a deep, dark, black in one application. Unlike other tyre ge...more»

AUD 28.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's Detailer Wheel Brightener 3.8L D14001

Powerful wheel cleaner that quickly and effectively removes tough brake dust. There is a fine line between effective cleanin...more»

AUD 63.50 | In Stock


Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel 473ml G7516

Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel produces a high gloss shine that lasts weeks, not days. The advanced, long-lasti...more»

AUD 25.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner 710ml G9524

The name says it all! Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner is unlike any formula in the world for removing grime, grit and brake dust ...more»

AUD 23.95 | In Stock


Meguiar's Hot Rims Non Acid Wheel Cleaner 473ml AA6416

It’s hard to find a great performing alloy wheel cleaner that doesn’t contain dangerous acids. Meguiar’s N...more»

AUD 14.50 | In Stock


Meguiar's Hot Shine Tyre Spray Trigger 710ml G12024

The same great high gloss shine delivered by Meguiar's Hot Shine Aerosol is now available in a trigger pack. Even higher...more»

AUD 18.00 AUD 24.95

natural shine car rubber protectant

Meguiar's Natural Shine Vinyl/Rubber Protectant 473ml G4116

Maintain that “like new” look on dashboards, trim, tyres and more. Natural Shine’s complex formula include...more»

AUD 15.00 AUD 21.95 | In Stock


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