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Renny Doyle's Bead Maker from the P&S Double Black collection brings you a new, fast and easy solution for paint protection with brilliant professional results.

Bead Maker is a simple, spray on application that cures and bonds with the surface to produce a long lasting shine that features extreme hydrophobic effect and slickness to the paint that is arguably the best in the business!

Renny Doyle Bead Maker paint protectant can be applied to a wet or dry surface. On a dry surface use a typical spray on, buff off process with a microfibre towel. Applying dry will yield the best durability however for an even easier application, spray Bead Maker onto a wet surface (after washing) and dry with your drying towel.

Bead Maker is safe for all exterior surfaces. Allow minimum 8 hours curing time for best results.

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