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Just like acids, strong alkaline chemicals can be difficult to handle and store. But with the IK ALK 1.5 alkaline products are no longer a problem!

The IK ALK 1.5 is a hand held pump sprayer with a 750ml tank used to pressurise and dispense your alkaline cleaning products safely and effectively. IK ALK sprayers are suitable for chemicals with a pH range of 6.5 to 14. This range allows the sprayer to handle even the strongest alkaline products such as heavy All Purpose Cleaners.

In addition to Alkaline chemicals, the ALK 1.5 can resist Acetic Acid, a range of alcohols and has a mild resistance to many other acids, hydrocarbons and oil based liquids.

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Worse sprayer ever. I couldn't even spray it to my cars' wheels as it was advertised in that manner.


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