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Optimum Hyper Polish is the first and only sprayable polish on the market. By spraying the polish onto the buffing pad, you are able to prime the entire pad with only a small amount of product. You are then using the entire pad to polish the surface, avoiding "dry buffing" and achieving better results in less time than a conventional cream type polish.

Optimum Hyper Polish is extremely easy to use and has a long working time without the dusting and sling issues of cream polishes. It's spray on application minimises the chance of overloading or gumming up the pad. Optimum Hyper Polish easily wipes off with a damp microfibre towel, and you can use it in the sun or in the shade to achieve outstanding results.

Optimum Hyper Polish is body shop safe and can be used with any type of buffing pad or machine. It acts as a light compound with a cutting pad and as a finishing polish with a finishing pad. It works quickly to remove (not hide) swirl marks, scratches, and other blemishes, while creating a perfect shine on all types of paint.

Hyper Polish will not clog buffing pads. It is aggressive enough for paint correction and swirl removal, yet finishes down with a shine and clarity that only requires final protection.


  1. Shake well.
  2. Use 2-3 sprays initially to prime the pad. After initial priming, use only 1-2 sprays per panel. There is no need to apply additional product as Optimum Hyper Polish has a long working time.
  3. Wipe off residue with a dampened microfibre towel.

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