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Optimum GPS (Glaze - Polish - Seal) is the third addition to the sprayable polish system from Optimum Polymer Technologies for car manufacturers. This revolutionary product is a one-step polish and sealant that will leave a deep gloss with months of protection in one application!

Unlike most all-in-one products Optimum GPS contains super fine abrasives that correct and actually remove fine swirls and defects. Not just hide them. The "glaze" effect however can be achieved through hand application or shortened working times on the machine. Working the polish completely will produce genuine flawless results on even the most delicate finish. It is effectively a super fine finishing polish.

Optimum GPS is based on a similar formula to Optimum Poli-Seal but with the added benefit of being sprayable. Spray on application speeds up the process and reduces product consumption. The complete face of the pad is primed with product to enhance results.

Optimum GPS, like all Optimum polishes is body shop safe.

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