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Black WOW is an amazingly durable exterior trim restorer that turns faded old trim to a deep, natural, and factory version of its former self that literally lasts for months.

Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer is suitable for all matte or unpainted trim of any colour. Only a pea sized amount is required to restore a complete wheel guard or grill.


For best results, first clean trim to be treated with Pre-WOW Trim Cleaner & Wax Remover.

Next, apply only a pea sized amount of Black WOW to the supplied applicator and massage into the trim. You will instantly see an improvement in colour. Continue to spread this out. Remember to avoid using excess product with Black WOW.

Once the area to be treated is complete, remove any excess with a lint free microfibre towel.

For trim that is extremely weathered, multiple coats spread over a few hours may be required to produce maximum results.

NOTE: Avoid painted surfaces. Black WOW won't damage the paint, but can be difficult to remove. This can be avoided by taping off trim with painters tape. If Black WOW does contact the paint, use Pre-WOW Trim Cleaner to remove.

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