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Optimum Gloss-Coat has been manufactured with the amateur detailer in mind! Optimum Polymer Technologies wanted to make the latest technology in surface coatings more accessible to the average user, and they have done just that.

Gloss-Coat is a semi-permanent coating that is extremely simple to use. It's going to provide an amazing level of gloss and relentless water beading and all the other properties you would expect from a wax or sealant, but it's going to do it for the next for 2+ years!

To apply Optimum Gloss-Coat we first recommend assessing the condition of the paint and removing any unwanted defects.

Next wipe down with isopropyl alcohol solution at about 30% diluted with water. This will decontaminate the surface and remove any oils or waxes that are going to inhibit bonding.

The final step is the application of Optimum Gloss-Coat. Apply to sections at a time (such as breaking up the roof into quarters), wait 30-60 seconds and then lightly wipe off any excess. Check in good lighting to ensure all excess high spots are removed.

Optimum Gloss-Coat can be driven in rain after 6 hours with no negative effect. Full chemical resistance will be reached within 1 week of application and therefore we recommend avoiding strong chemicals in the first week.

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