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Lake Country’s Snappy Clean is a super concentrate citrus cleaner in powder form.

Snappy Clean removes the toughest polish residues from your buffing pads, but most importantly it won’t affect the glue bonding the pad and the velcro backing.

One packet mixes with 10-12 litres of water. This solution can be reused for up to one week, or for heavy users until it becomes too saturated with polish residue.


Directions of Use


Dissolve one packet of Snappy Clean per 10-12 litres of water.

As your foam or wool buffing pads become caked with residue, place them in the Snappy Clean solution to soak.

Let pads soak for at least 5 minutes.

Agitate the pad with your fingers to release the residue then rinse with fresh water.

Spin dry the pads on your machine to reduce drying time. Allow to air dry.

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Product Code: LC-92-002

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