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Make your faded, dingy, black vinyl top look like new!

Black-Top is a permanent black dye from Forever Black formulated for black vinyl tops. One coat will transform the look of your faded, vinyl, convertible to a deep, rich, black.

Directions of Use


Black-Top vinyl Dye is formulated only for black, vinyl tops. It is not designed to change a white or brown top to black. DO NOT USE ON FABRIC SOFT TOPS.

Application is easy.

For best results, clean the top first and allow the top to dry.

Apply BLACK-TOP with the foam applicator (included) making strokes across the top. Once you start, complete the entire top. Starting and stopping may result in a patchy appearance. Wipe off any drips on paintwork, glass or chrome with a damp cloth. To be on the safe side, I mask off plastic windows.

Wear old cloths as this dye will permanently stain clothing.

Allow the top to dry completely (usually 15-20 minutes) before refolding and stowing the top. One application is usually sufficient to restore a deep, black finish.

One 8 oz. bottle is enough to restore one vinyl top.

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