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303 logo 303 Products

303 Products are a small USA manufacturer well known for their 303 Aerospace Protectant for rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces.

3D Products

3D Products are made in USA professional quality products for detailing and body shops including compounds and polishes featuring their AAT Adaptive Abrasive Technology.


3M are market leaders in consumable products such as wet and dry sand paper and other abrasives such as their hook and loop Trizact discs and accessories.

black wow logo Black WOW

Black WOW is a product conceived and developed by a professional detailer and his father to solve one problem in the industry. Faded plastic trim.

Black WOW trim Restorer, restores this faded trim from weathered and oxidised, to a deep, natural factory version of itself that literally lasts for months. The Black WOW range has also expanded to include and dedicated trim brush and cleaner to give the user a complete trim restoring system.


CarPro was established in 2009 bringing their first product named CQuartz to market which has become a well known brand by people who love their cars and detailing enthusiasts.

clay magic logo Clay Magic

Clay Magic is the legendary product developed by Auto Wax Company (AWC), founded in 1960 by Paul D Miller and partner Jolley Byrd distributing reconditioned chemicals.

In 1994 AWC expanded its marketing efforts with the introduction of its Clay Magic Car Cleaner product. Clay Magic revolutionised the reconditioning world with its vehicle preparation clay bar. Still today, almost 20 years later Clay Magic is considered one of the leaders in this field.

collinite auto wax logo Collinite

Collinite has been manufacturing premium quality wax products for automotive, marine and industrial markets since 1936.

Collinite has existed with one single purpose in mind. To provide the most durable, highest-grade wax products available.

finish kare logo Finish Kare

Finish Kare was born in the early 1960's when Floyd L Meguiar separated from the family business to create a new company. Floyd wanted the Finish Kare brand to live up to his grandfather's vision and philosophy "Never sell a product until you are convinced it is the finest product of its kind in the world".

Finish Kare are most famously known for their FK425 Ultra Slick Poly Wipe Spray Detailer and FK1000P Hi Temp Sealant, however they also produce a range of first class chemicals and concentrates for both professionals and enthusiasts.

flex power tools logo Flex Power Tools

Flex Tools are a German manufacturer, well known in the tool industry for extreme performance and engineering. Whatever FLEX you buy, you can bank on a user friendly, perfectly balanced, easy to use, ultra robust machine that will have a long life unlike some of the cheap tools of today. Flex Tools live up to their motto. Quality tools for specialists.

forever black car care button Forever Black

Forever Black is the brainchild of visionary, entrepeneur Merrick Browne. Working for an automotive manufacturer, he observed his employer replacing stained trim on brand new cars. Seeing a market niche Merrick spent the next 18 months looking for a permanent solution. In 1992 he launched his first product. Forever Black Bumper & Trim Dye.

grit guard logo Grit Guard

Grit Guard is a simple yet smart idea to save surfaces you are washing from being scratched. Almost all scratches and swirls on your vehicle occur from improper car washing when the dirt particles get caught between your wash mitt and the paint. Now, with the invention of Grit Guard, you have a surface to release these contaminants through the insert and trapped away from your mitt or sponge.


Gtechniq are a UK based company manufacturing surface protection products including Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Gtechniq EXO ceramic coatings.

IK Foam Sprayers

IK Foam Sprayers IK9 and IK1.5 made in Europe from the highest quality materials are the latest evolution of the foam lance for Automotive and Industrial Application.

KXK Dynamics

KXK Dynamics are a range of specialised products made by detailers, for detailers. Starting with KXK Dynamics R.I.D. STIX, an innovative product making removal of random scratches easier than ever before!

lake country car care products logo Lake Country

Lake Country are industry leaders in machine polishing pads and accessories and have been for a long time. Lake Country manufacture and develop the largest range of buffing pads, engineered for every possible task and surface.

Using Engineered foams imported from Europe that are specifically designed for compounding, polishing and buffing, Lake Country Produce the most technologically advanced buffing pads and accessories you can buy including the well known and patented CCS Technology products.

Meguiar's Professional

 Meguiar's Professional is a range of products developed for the professional detailer. Available in larger package sizes for high volume use ranging from polishes, compounds, buffing pads and detailing chemicals.

meguiars car care products Meguiars

The history of Meguiar's goes back about as far as the history of car care itself. In 1901, Frank Meguiar, Jr. began making a furniture wax in the kitchen of his home in Indiana. Meguiar's later developed their first car care formulas.

Meguiar's today is one of the most recognised brands in the world, working closely with car manufacturers around the world and their paint suppliers to develop new technology products.

micro restore button Micro-Restore

Microfibre has revolutionised the simple act of polishing a car with its engineered blend of fibres. It cleans, buffs, and polishes like no other fabric out there! But, like many new inventions, it created a demand for something to maintain it. Ordinary laundry detergents just don’t do the trick. Micro-Restore was created to clean microfibre right.


NXTZEN is our range of in house car care chemicals, proudly made in Australia. NXTZEN represents the next generation of car care technology, and the next phase of our company's journey as one of Australia's leading car care suppliers.

Opti-Coat Maintenance Line

Retail purchase of Opti-Coat Maintenance Line

optimum polymer technologies logo Optimum Polymer Technologies

Optimum Polymer technologies was founded by Dr. David Ghodoussi, an organic chemist specialising in polymers and automotive paint formulations.

Using his knowledge of paint composition, Dr Ghodoussi formulates cleaners and protectants for the best suited for today's vehicle surfaces. Continuous research and testing produce a unique line of products that deliver superior results, without compromising modern clear coat finishes and the environment.

Optimum Polymer Technologies are well known for products such as Optimum Car Wax, Optimum No Rinse and numerous others.

P&S Renny Doyle Double Black

P&S bring over 50 years manufacturing experience in the detailing industry to bring you the latest Renny Doyle Double Black range of products featuring the popular Bead Maker paint protectant.

The Renny Doyle Doubler Black collection is a cutting edge, premium brand approved by who you would call a celebrity detailer Renny Doyle in the USA working on machinery including Air Force One. Since its release the Renny Doyle Bead Maker product has received many positive reviews from detailers worldwide.

p21s auto care products logo P21S

P21S was introduced in the USA in 1984 and since that time the product range has expanded significantly but P21S commitment to quality stays the same.

P21S stands for "factory approved" automotive care of the highest caliber, made for people who know quality when they see it.

rainx logo Rain-X

Rain-X offer a complete glass care solution. An effective cleaner/polish, hydrophobic polymer coating, anti-fog products, glass cleaner, and even a washer fluid concentrate that applies their invisible polymer coating every time you use the wiper fluid!

Rapid Dry

We've been washing cars for decades. But as long as we can remember washing cars we can remember the time taken to dry them! We went from leather chamois to faux chamois to the regular small microfiber towels. But they all had one thing in common - wringing out. The dry a bit, wring out and repeat became monotonous...

After years of searching for a product to meet our requirements we came to a conclusion - it didn't exist. So... We made it.

Introducing the Rapid Dry Towels "The Original". It's the size of a beach towel, it won't scratch, it's incredibly absorbent and it will wash and dry hundreds of times. When it comes to drying your car, SUV, truck, boat, or plane, SIZE DOES MATTER. 


SCANGRIP is continually moving, and in just a few years, achieved enormous success with their range of durable and functional lighting solutions for the professional detailing market. We now carry Scangrip's complete range of second generation detailing work lights featuring dual colour temperature lighting.

scholl logo Scholl Concepts

Scholl Concepts are a German manufacturer of high quality compounds, polishes and auto care products with over 50 years experience in the trade.

Scholl Concepts range caters for enthusiasts, bodyshops, the OEM market as well as products purpose built for the new matte finishes.


TACSYSTEM Korea was established in 1995 and since that time has been a leader in product development and manufacturing of SiO2 coatings and cleaning products across the world.

The Glove Company

The Glove Company are well known in the industry for the most durable and high quality Black Nitrile Gloves.

vikan transport system logo Vikan Transport Brushes

Vikan was founded in 1898 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cleaning implements. Vikan develop, produce and sell a broad range of cleaning solutions including the Vikan Transport range of brushes. Ideal for commercial use and for the home user. Vikan transort brushes are manufactured to the highest standards for long lasting durability.

Wheel Woolies

Since the founding of Braun Brush in 1875, Braun have created and upheld a concrete reputation of producing superior products. Building upon the overwhelming success of the Wheel Woolies® line of high quality wheel cleaning brushes, which are hands-down the best way to clean a vehicle's wheels, Braun proudly formed Braun Automotive in 2013.

Wipe New

Wipe New’s unique nano-polymer formula is the World’s Longest Lasting Solution for Restoring and Protecting your Vehicle!

zaino logo Zaino

Zaino Show Car Polishes have a reputation for sharp reflections, strong water beading and durability. The Zaino system consists of a range of synthetic polymer sealants, that all work together to keep your vehicle well protected with the classic Zaino style.

Zaino's Car Care Products products have a mass of dedicated fans worldwide, which is an indication of the quality users can expect from the Zaino range.

zas logo ZAS

Our own exclusive line of premium microfibre, car care accessories and selected high end products.

zentool logo ZENTOOL

ZENTOOL is our own range of professional machines and accessories. Beginning with the ZEN-21E long throw dual action polisher, we plan to grow the range with quality tools specialised for the detailing industry.